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  • The 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness - Amar Atma
  • Community Kundalini Yoga classes
     Community Kundalini Yoga classes http://sd3ho.org/community-kundalini-yoga-classes/
  • Level 2 Kundalini Yoga "Vitality & Stress"
  • Become a Teacher, Serve the World
     October 2016 - June 2017 http://sd3ho.org/kundalini-yoga-level-i-teacher-training/

Upcoming events

  • The 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness – Amar Atma

    Most of us relate to our physical body that we see and feel. You may be surprised to find out that we actually have another 9 bodies that ideally work together for our optimum health and happiness.
    Please join Amar Atma for a a very special Kundalini Workshop.

    The 10 Light Bodies of Consciousness with Amar Atma

    Venue : Girl Scout Leadership Building
    1231 Upas St,
    San Diego, CA 92103
    Date : May 21st,  2016
    Time : 1:00pm – 5:00pm
    Price : $45 – Pre-Registered
    $60 – At the Door
    For More Information:
    Call : (619)-692-3521



  • Community Kundalini Yoga classes

    Free Community Kundalini Yoga classes are back

    Join us Saturday, May 21st from 8:30 -10:00AM for Kundalini Yoga with Live Gong by Amar Atma

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    Free!   We are a non-profit.  Donations are happily accepted!

    Meherbani Kaur
    (619)  692- 3521

    Free!  Donations are happily accepted!


    Community Kundalini Yoga classes registration

    Other Free Community Kundalini Yoga Classes

    Saturdays 8:30-10:00AM




  • Level 2 Kundalini Yoga “Vitality & Stress”

    3HO San Diego & Kundalini Yoga International invite you to Relax, Recharge, Renew in beautiful San Diego as you explore your vitality and relieve your stress in this unique six-day course! Yogi Bhajan often said we could revitalize ourselves in as little as 15 or 20 minutes. Come learn how to:

    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others.
    • Use small amounts of stress to strengthen the nervous system and develop caliber.
    • Call on positive emotions to handle stress better.
    • Review basic lifestyle habits from the perspective of stress and vitality

    Stress & Vitality, a KRI Level Two Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®, is one of five required for KRI Level 2 Practitioner certification and is open to all Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teachers. This 62-hour course of classroom hours and independent study uses carefully chosen meditations, kriyas, and readings presented in a highly interactive learning environment to identify our stressors and to develop tools to transform and balance them with conscious relaxation.


    Santokh_SinghDr. Santokh Singh Khlasa, KRI Lead Trainer, chiropractor, healer, and yoga teacher, has been practicing Kundalini yoga for forty years and had the great blessing of learning directly from Yogi Bhajan. He is the developer of the beginner’s yoga CD, A Simple Yoga Practice, and theCD, Mantras of the Master. He is also the developer of The Ten Body Tune Up healing technique based on Yogi Bhajan’s teachings with his fellow Khalsa chiropractors. Dr.Khalsa is the spiritual advisor and Master Teacher to the Awareness Center in Pasadena, CA. He also has a thriving Chiropractic practice in Pasadena.



    hdksoftDr. Haridass Kaur, PhD, KRI Professional Trainer, specializes in delivering the teachings with fierce precision andenthusiasm. She has a doctorate in Natural Health and focuses on biomechanics, diaphragmatic breath, and Kundalini Yoga to all
    eviate Chronic Pain. She is a Master of Shiatsu-Anma Massage and post-traumatic release energetic bodywork. She integrates her many years of clinical experience with her deep knowledge of the body in her Western and Yogic Anatomy courses.




    Information & Registration :




    Course Pricing:

    $995 paid by August 1 st

    $1095 after August 1 st

    Saturday & Sunday:

    8am to 6 pm

    September  17-18, 2016

    October  1-2, 2016

    October 22-23, 2016

    Course Location:

    1231 Upas Street San Diego, CA 92103

    Level 2 Vitality and Stress Registration


  • Become a Teacher, Serve the World

    Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training


    October 29 – 30, 2016

    November 18-20, 2016

    December 17-18, 2016

    January 14-15, 2017

    February 11-12, 2017

    March 4-5, 2017

    March 25-26, 2017

    April 22-23, 2017

    May 13-14, 2017

    June 10-11, 2017

    There are 10 additional hours of classes that will meet on the following days:

    (these days will be announced soon)

    Contact Meherbani Kaur for more information.
    (619) 692-3521
    To register please go to sdkyi.org
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    Enroll now in this ten weekend training.Experience this ancient science and open the way to greater freedom, clarity, and joy.Learn from teachers with more than 40 years of yoga experience trained directly by Yogi Bhajan. This course fulfills the Yoga Alliance’s 220 hour national standard for a Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT).

    Join us for an in-depth journey of Kundalini Yoga,whether you want to explore becoming a teacher or just deepen your practice.
    Full course attendees may apply $350 credit to fall 2015 Teacher Training with KYSD and Kundalini Yoga International!

    The KRI Level One Aquarian Teacher Curriculum is a 220-hour professional certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. An interactive course in the theory, practice, and basic skills of a Kundalini Yoga instructor, it includes 180 hours of classroom instruction, 40 hours of independent study, a 40-day meditation, and White Tantric Yoga. Graduates of Level One earn the title of KRI Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® and fulfill the Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200-hour requirement.

    Meherbani Kaur, Lead Trainer, is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer. She began practicing and teaching Kundalini Yoga after meeting Yogi Bhajan in 1969 while attending UCLA. Teaching from her heart, with simplicity,humor and grace,she has trained teachers in Kundalini Yoga both in the U.S. and in Mexico.She is also one of a handful of practitioners world wide qualified to teach Yogi Bhajan’s healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan®. Not all Kundalini Teacher Trainings are the same. Meherbani is a KRI certified trainer and part of the official international training organization that promotes the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and oversees teacher training programs in 52 counties, graduating over 3000 new Kundalini Yoga teachers annually.


    $500 Non-refundable deposit
    $3,295 Course fee paid in full by 9/15
    $3,495* Payment plan



    * See website for details