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  • Coming Soon:
    KRI Level 2 Conscious Communication with GuruMeher Singh and Gurutej
  • Coming Soon: KRI Level I Teacher Training
     October 2014 to June 2015, Saturdays and Sundays 7:15am to 5:45pm  http://sd3ho.org/2014/08/coming-soon-kri-level-i-teacher-training/
  • Akhand Paath and Gurdwara
     Begins October 4th at 10am, Ends October 12th at 10am http://sd3ho.org/2014/09/akhand-paath-and-gurdwara/
  • Guru Ram Das Birthday - Special Sadhana
     October 9th 4am-6:30am http://sd3ho.org/2014/09/guru-ram-das-birthday-special-sadhana/

Today is 2014-10-01

SD3HO Upcoming Community Events

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  • Guru Ram Das Birthday – Special Sadhana

    gramdasGuru Ram Das Birthday – Special Sadhana
    Date: 10/09/2014
    Start Time: 04:00 am
    End Time: 06:30 am
    Cost: Free, Donations accepted
    Address: 1238 Upas St San Diego 92103

    Contact: Meherbani Kaur

    Event Information:
    Guru Ram Das belonged to the house of Raj Yoga and he is the personal guru of Yogi Bhajan. It is through his lineage that Kundalini Yoga comes to us. Many years ago, Yogi Bhajan gave us a special sadhana in honor of the birth of Guru Ram Das – a 2½ hour recitation of the complete Shabad (sacred song) of “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru”.
    We have been honoring this tradition for almost 40 years. On Thursday, October 9th, we will chant this healing mantra from 4:00am to 6:30am during our regular sadhana program. Everyone is welcome to attend all or part of this meditation.
    We practice this Shabad to ignite the power of our prayer. To quote Yogi Bhajan “Any move you make, you must pray because that ignites the power. Ignite the power and then go. Let God take care of it.”
    Guru Ram Das is the Lord of Miracles and so on this day pray for your miracle! For the words and recordings of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, click here.
    When we meditate on the Shabad, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, we are placing ourselves in the position of witnessing this miracle – of how the hand of the Divine arranged the affairs of a humble, bright and beautiful soul. We are calling on the Subtle and Radiant body of Guru Ram Das to bless us so that we can be part of that miracle. As Guru Ram Das was carried across his karmas to this destiny, so his blessing can touch us and carry us across, as well. This is the power of chanting Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru.
    For a brief biography of Guru Ram Das, click here.

  • Akhand Paath and Gurdwara

    Akhand Paath and Gurdwara

    Date: 10/09/2014
    Start Time: 10:00 am
    End Date: 10/12/2014
    End Time:
    10:00 am

    Cost: Free, Food Donations or Seva accepted
    Address: 1238 Upas St San Diego 92103

    Contact: Meherbani Kaur

    Event Information:
    As part of Guru Ram Das’ birthday celebration, the Kundalini Yoga Center will be hosting an Akhand Path -a continuous reading of the Siri Guru Granth (the 11th Guru of the Sikhs) this Thursday October 9th starting at 10am. The reading will continue unbroken for 72 hours and will end on Sunday, October 12th at 10am followed by a Gurudwara (devotional service). Everyone is welcome to attend all or part of this 3 day celebration.
    We welcome you to join us in the special 2 ½ hour meditation or to come read in our Akhand Paath any time between Thursday morning and Sunday morning. It’s an amazing opportunity to be submerged in the sacred Naad (sound current). If you are a night owl, we are always looking for people to read in the middle of the night.
    The reading is both in English and Gurmukhi (sacred language of the Gurus). You don’t need to be a Sikh or have any special skills. Just come with an attitude of reverence and a desire to serve your soul. If you’ve never read in the Akhand Paath before, someone will help you get started. You can also come just to listen and be in the sacred energy.
    There is always plenty of yummy food and lots of good company and opportunities for seva. Everyone is welcome. To sign up for a time to read in the Akhand Paath, please call Meherbani at 619-692-3521 or info@sdkyi.org.

    To find out more about an Akhand Path click here. www.gururamdasashram.org/akhand- Do you know how to do the links?

    What is a gurdwara awesome video http://americanturban.com/2013/01/30/snatam-kaurs-i-am-a-sikh/

On Seva and Service

The original article is found at www.3ho.org  and reposted here for our local yogis to read.  Sometimes this comes down to the most important aspect of yoga, yet so often overlooked.  It is not the action, but the cultivation of strength and perception to offer yourself to another.


“You do good to somebody, it remains good if you do it in the name of your own God. That is a seva. If you do it in the name of your own spirit, your own soul, that is seva. If you do something expecting something tomorrow, you better not do it. It’s not worth it. It’s not seva. Seva is a conscious and deliberate service to benefit another person, even at your cost. Remember, whosoever does seva it is one to a hundred, God comes through.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


Seva is an attitude as much as it is an action.Seva, defined as selfless service, is when you approach the world around you from the perspective of “what can I provide to uplift these people, this place.” Then, going to the grocery store is not about restocking your pantry but an opportunity to connect to people in your community with a smile or a joke as well as support your family and household. Every action and interaction can become seva when it is conceived and executed without thought to how it benefits you or if you will receive praise.

At other times, seva can be a focused, premeditated activity such as preparinglangar, a community meal, volunteering with an existing service organization, or even starting your own organization to fill an unmet need in the community. The concept of seva is familiar, usually central, to many faiths and cultures. And doingseva feels good!


In the seven steps to happiness outlined by Yogi Bhajan, the sixth step, Power to Sacrifice, equates to seva and leads directly to happiness

Once seva has truly become selfless, then you know you’ve made it. When your actions are without all the trappings of ego and maya, then you are in a state of yoga, a place of union. It is the culmination of all those Kundalini Yoga kriyas, the early mornings of sadhana, meditations to clean the subconscious, and the commitment to live consciously. Possessing the power to sacrifice manifests asseva, living in a space of neutrality, beyond duality.


Being able to give is also an expression of deep gratitude. Starting with our breath, each of us receives so much, every day, from the Infinite that participating in sevais a natural response rooted in gratitude. When connected to sweet presence of the divine, serving others is a way of expressing thanks and responding to the gifts we receive.

Seva allows us an opportunity to be fully compassionate, to engage with our world and community. Along with creating a space of neutrality that results in happiness, the act of seva is one of gratitude.


The power in kind words, thoughts, and compassionate responses given in the name of love is the energy of grace. In her book Invisible Acts of Power, Carolyn Myss, Ph.D., offers this “to-do” list of invisible acts of power that hundreds of people reported meant the most to them:
1. Hold a door open.
2. Smile.
3. Offer a kind word and encouragement.
4. Give a compliment.
5. Listen without interruption.
6. Make a call when your intuition tells you to.
7. Offer a prayer for a homeless person.
8. Pray – period.
9. Forgive others and yourself.
10. Prepare a meal for a friend.
11. Refrain from judging another person harshly.
12. Remember that life is full of miracles and have faith that every difficult situation can change in the blink of an eye.
13. Remember the truth that there is no such thing as a small or insignificant act of service.
14. Keep your power and attention in the present time.
15. Begin and end the day in appreciation of either doing or accepting an act of service.


As a recipient of a kind act, we often react with the thought, “Oh, I must pay this person back.” Whether it be about acknowledging the gift, evening the score, or displaying gratitude, this response tends to be centered in the ego. Instead, when you receive a gift, physical or otherwise, first bring it to your altar. Thank the Infinite, the true source of all we receive in this life, and recognize that the person who gave it to you is G.O.D. Saying a prayer or blessing for this person is a beautiful way to acknowledge his or her seva. And, of course, a big smile or thank you directly to the person is a wonderful courtesy.


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